Sunday, 30 May 2010

Face Primer Review

face primer

Oriflame’s description
‘Lightweight lotion formulated with silicones to soften, soothe and mattify skin. Make-up glides on and stays fresh all day. Apply under foundation or powder. Can also be used as a base for eyeshadow. 30 ml.’

My opinion
This face primer certainly lives up to being lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy. I have tried this under both a liquid foundation and just a powder; I personally feel it works better under a liquid foundation as it actually does allow the foundation to ‘glide on’ easily. This means that I can apply less foundation than usual which is great if like me, you’re quite pale and suffer with looking orange from the smallest amount of the palest foundation.

How could it be improved?
For me, the only thing that could be added to this face primer is sun protection but one way around this would be to use a day cream containing sun protection first thing.

I use this as part of my everyday make-up routine and I’d only recommend it for that purpose as Oriflame have other primers available if you’re looking for something more luxurious. I’d consider it to be a budget primer at £5.45 so I think it’s fair to say that it does the job at an affordable price and rate the primer at 4.5 out of 5.

Oriflame's Even Out Face Cream SPF 20 has returned

Even Out Face Cream
Oriflame's Even Out Face Cream SPF 20 was one of our most popular products with worldwide customers ordering several at a time. This specialist cream was used in addition to a regular skin care routine to help lighten the skin, reduce dark spots and even out the skin tone.

The old, outdated purple bottle version seen on the left has received a face lift of it's own and is now available as two new updated versions;

1) Optimals Even Out Day Cream SPF 20 can be used daily to help reduce existing skin pigmentation with the SPF 20 formula protecting the skin from further damage caused by exposure to the sun.

2) Optimals Even Out Concentrate is best used in combination with day cream to further prevent discolouration of the skin and target specific areas. It contains liquorice extract & vitamin C as was seen in the previous version.

Optimals Even Out Concentrate
Let us know your thoughts on the new products.

Optimals Even Out Day Cream SPF 20