Friday, 30 May 2014

Eyelash Curlers - Giveaway / Contest

Win 1 x Oriflame Beauty Eyelash Curlers

How to enter:
Leave any comment below before the closing date Thursday 12th June 2014 11:59pm GMT. Please read the rules below before entering.

One winner will be selected at random on Friday 13th June 2014. The winner will be announced on here, the Ori-Beauty Blog.

1) Only one entry per person is allowed.
2) Once the winner is announced you have up to 30 days to contact me and claim your prize, or forfeit the prize.
3) The prize will be sent via Royal Mail Second Class, if the winner is in the UK, or via Airmail for the rest of the world.
4) The winner is responsible for any taxes or import duties.
5) I will not be responsible for any late entries or those lost through communication failures.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Oriflame Catalogue 8 - Bargain Buys May to June 2014

A quick post to highlight some of the great bargains available in Oriflame UK Catalogue 8 23rd May - 12 June 2014.

Fragrances for her under £15.00
Felicity Eau de Toilette on special offer at £12.95
Let the opulence and allure of Felicity Eau de Toilette whisk you away to a palace of dreams. Spicy Cinnamon entices you as it reveals succulent notes of Peach, Lemon and Plum. Indian Jasmine, Freesia and Orange blossom form the ethereal floral heart. Later, tantalising Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood weave a sexy veil that conjures lush sunsets and evening glow. 50 ml. Code: 21673

Volare Eau de Parfum on special offer at £12.95
Delicate and sensual, nothing embodies elegance like a rose. Volare Eau de Parfum is an exclusive fusion of violet leaves, peony, rose petals and praline, creating the luxurious aura of romance and beauty. 50 ml. Code: 30025

Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum on special offer at £13.95
Luminous sun-ripened mandarin blends with divine madonna lily and the sensuality of patchouli. Voluptuously decadent yet never out of fashion, Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum is pure radiance and splendour for the modern woman. 50 ml. Code: 24169

Fragrances for him under £15.00
Voyager Eau de Toilette on special offer at £13.95
Voyager Eau de Toilette’s exciting blend of bergamot and tangerine evoke the warmth of the desert. Cool facets of cardamom, green tea and Namibian myrrh are a light breeze on your skin. Its wild spirit comes through with sandalwood, vetiver and amber. 75 ml. Code: 21707

S8 Eau de Toilette on special offer at £13.95
Capture the exciting pulse of the city with S8 Eau de Toilette. Stylish and in demand, S8 embodies the trendsetting man’s lust for life with vibrant grapefruit, violet and sensual musk. 50 ml. Code: 8020

Manful Eau de Toilette on special offer at £13.95
Feel your desires awaken with this intoxicating fusion of exotic saffron, cinnamon bark and roasted tonka bean notes. Manful Eau de Toilette exudes carnal power and cries out for closeness. 75 ml. Code:26764

Giordani Gold Invisible Touch Foundation 
Available in five shades, on special offer at £8.95

An ultra-light foundation for a natural nude finish. With Hydration System for essential moisturisation that helps prevent dry skin and fine lines. 30ml.

Lip Spa Therapy Lip Balm
Available in four shades, on special offer at £3.95

Soothe and protect your lips with a moisture surge and a hint of colour. Super caring lip balm with 2-in-1 technology adds delicate natural colour to lips, provides all day moisture* and protects them from environmental stress. SPF 8. 1.6 g.

Nature Secrets Energising Mint and Raspberry
There are some special offers on this range, on page 123. My personal favourite is the Body Mist Code: 23958 on offer at £3.95.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Oriflame Nature Secrets Hand Cream Under £2.00

There are just a few days left before Oriflame UK Catalogue 7 closes and there's a great offer on pages 14 -15 with three Nature Secrets Hand Creams on special offer at £1.95 instead of £2.95. You can choose from energising Mint and Raspberry, Jojoba and Mango for sensitive skin or hydrating Basil and Peach.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Beauty News - The end of microbeads? What are the alternatives?

Today the Daily Mail (2014) has reported on the use of microbeads in toiletries as being a pollutant in the food chain. Microbeads are tiny plastic, abrasive balls often found in toiletries such as face scrubs, designed to remove dead skin. The small beads manage to escape water filter systems and can find their way into the sea, where they attract chemicals and other pollutants. It is believed these chemicals could then end up the food we consume, if the polluted beads are eaten by sea creatures and fish.

There is call for manufacturers to reformulate their products without the use of mircobeads, additionally it is reported that Boots are phasing out the sale of these beauty products which should be completed by 2016.

What are the exfoliating alternatives to mircobeads?
Salt and sugar scrubs are more natural and environmentally friendly than plastic microbeads. I have also heard of homemade scrubs being created with oatmeal, but have not personally tried this one. If you have, please feel free to post a link to your recipe below.

Exfoliating gloves or body sponges are also an option. These are normally used by wetting the skin and glove/sponge before applying a face or body wash onto the glove/sponge. Then rubbed over the skin in a circular motion before rinsing.

As with all exfoliating products it is important that what you use is not too abrasive, as it could damage your skin.

Source: Daily Mail (2014) The tiny beads in toiletries that are poisoning fish...and us: Plastic pellets that act as magnets for pesticides in the sea could enter the food chain. [Online] Available at: (Accessed 19 May 2014).

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Oriflame Lovely Garden Eau de Toilette Special Offer

Lovely Garden Eau de Toilette is currently on special offer at only £6.95 when you spend £20.00 in Oriflame UK Catalogue 7, but hurry the catalogue closes 22nd May 2014.

Lovely Garden Eau de Toilette - Unveil the unexpected wonder of Lovely Garden Eau de Toilette. Crisp rhubarb swirls with succulent green notes and a burst of hot milk accord before softening into a creamy vanilla orchid trail, leading you further into your own secret garden. 50 ml. Code: 23838.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

New Oriflame Love Nature Tea Tree Range

If you are searching the internet on the look out for Oriflame's old Tea Tree Oil Range (shown in the image above), with former codes; 10468, 10640, 10587 and 10639 then take a look at Oriflame's new Love Nature Tea Tree range.  It is suitable for oily skin and currently constists of a cleanser, toner, cream and corrective blemish stick.

Love Nature Cleansing Gel Tea Tree
Effectively cleanses oily skin with the power of tea Tree essential oil. 150ml. Code: 30153

Love Nature Face Toner Tea Tree
An effective astringent toner to help tighten the pores and mattify the skin. 150ml.Code: 30126

Love Nature Face Lotion Tea Tree
A convenient 2-in-1 ani-blemish solution. Formulated with anti-bacterial Tea Trea oil. 4g. Code: 30124

Love Nature Corrective Stick Tea Tree
Easy to absorb, rebalancing face lotion with Tea Tree essential oil provides the right lightweight hydration for oily skin. 50ml. Code: 30155 

Friday, 16 May 2014

The One Eyeliner Stylo - New Oriflame Felt Tip Liner

Oriflame has recently launched their new felt tip Eyeliner Stylo, available in four shades the pen helps create precise lines to frame the eyes. Oriflame claim that the rich colour of the eyeliner can last up to 24 hours and the product is suitable for contact lens wearers*. The ususal  recommneded retail price is £8.45 each, but it is currently on a special launch offer at £5.95 each for the duration of UK Catalogue 7.

Black code: 30475
Brown code: 30476
Blue code: 30477
Grey code: 30478

*Source: Oriflame UK Catalogue 7, p.32, 2014.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Eye shadows under £3.00

Oriflame's Pure Colour Mono Eye Shadows are currently on special offer at £2.85 each for the duration of UK Catalogue 7 (with a usual recommended retail price of £5.75).

The range has 12 shades to choose from, my personal favorite is Taupe Metal (code 22591)  for a sultry look. But if you are looking for something vibrant and on trend then Light Blue (code 26663) might be for you.

Blue eyeshadow was mentioned in Vogue earlier in the year as a key colour for make-up artists in Spring/Summer 2014.

Pure Colour Mono Eye Shadow Light Blue

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Oriflame Nature Secrets - New Almond and Strawberry

The Oriflame Nature Secrets range has a new addition - Almond and Strawberry. There are currently three products designed to stregthen and protect the hair during the warmer months, through a combination of strawberry extract, sweet almond oil and a UV filter.

1) Nature Secrets Almond Oil and Strawberry Colour Care Shampoo (code 30357)
Wash and help protect colour treated hair with UV Filter, Strawberry Extract and Almond Oil. 250ml.

2) Nature Secrets Almond Oil and Strawberry Colour Care Conditioner (code 30358)
Conditioner helps protect colour treated hair with Strawberry Extract and Almond Oil. 250ml.

3) Nature Secrets Almond Oil and Strawberry Colour Care Hair Mask (code 30360)
Nourishing hair mask infused with Strawberry Extract, Almond Oil and Shea Butter. 150ml

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

How to join Oriflame India

I receive quite a few messages from people based in India asking how they can join Oriflame and if they can join in the UK.
It is not possible to join Oriflame UK unless you have an address or reside here. But the great news is that you can join Oriflame in India through their official website
Their support office is based in New Delhi but they also have many branches in other regions including:
  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Bhubaneswar
  • Chennai
  • Guwahati
  • Hyderabad
  • Indore
  • Jaipur
  • Kolkata
  • Lucknow
  • Ludhiana
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Ranchi
  • Shillong
Additionally Oriflame India has stock points in the following areas:
  • Dimapur
  • Itanagar
  • Aizwal