Saturday, 24 May 2014

Oriflame Catalogue 8 - Bargain Buys May to June 2014

A quick post to highlight some of the great bargains available in Oriflame UK Catalogue 8 23rd May - 12 June 2014.

Fragrances for her under £15.00
Felicity Eau de Toilette on special offer at £12.95
Let the opulence and allure of Felicity Eau de Toilette whisk you away to a palace of dreams. Spicy Cinnamon entices you as it reveals succulent notes of Peach, Lemon and Plum. Indian Jasmine, Freesia and Orange blossom form the ethereal floral heart. Later, tantalising Vanilla, Musk and Sandalwood weave a sexy veil that conjures lush sunsets and evening glow. 50 ml. Code: 21673

Volare Eau de Parfum on special offer at £12.95
Delicate and sensual, nothing embodies elegance like a rose. Volare Eau de Parfum is an exclusive fusion of violet leaves, peony, rose petals and praline, creating the luxurious aura of romance and beauty. 50 ml. Code: 30025

Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum on special offer at £13.95
Luminous sun-ripened mandarin blends with divine madonna lily and the sensuality of patchouli. Voluptuously decadent yet never out of fashion, Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum is pure radiance and splendour for the modern woman. 50 ml. Code: 24169

Fragrances for him under £15.00
Voyager Eau de Toilette on special offer at £13.95
Voyager Eau de Toilette’s exciting blend of bergamot and tangerine evoke the warmth of the desert. Cool facets of cardamom, green tea and Namibian myrrh are a light breeze on your skin. Its wild spirit comes through with sandalwood, vetiver and amber. 75 ml. Code: 21707

S8 Eau de Toilette on special offer at £13.95
Capture the exciting pulse of the city with S8 Eau de Toilette. Stylish and in demand, S8 embodies the trendsetting man’s lust for life with vibrant grapefruit, violet and sensual musk. 50 ml. Code: 8020

Manful Eau de Toilette on special offer at £13.95
Feel your desires awaken with this intoxicating fusion of exotic saffron, cinnamon bark and roasted tonka bean notes. Manful Eau de Toilette exudes carnal power and cries out for closeness. 75 ml. Code:26764

Giordani Gold Invisible Touch Foundation 
Available in five shades, on special offer at £8.95

An ultra-light foundation for a natural nude finish. With Hydration System for essential moisturisation that helps prevent dry skin and fine lines. 30ml.

Lip Spa Therapy Lip Balm
Available in four shades, on special offer at £3.95

Soothe and protect your lips with a moisture surge and a hint of colour. Super caring lip balm with 2-in-1 technology adds delicate natural colour to lips, provides all day moisture* and protects them from environmental stress. SPF 8. 1.6 g.

Nature Secrets Energising Mint and Raspberry
There are some special offers on this range, on page 123. My personal favourite is the Body Mist Code: 23958 on offer at £3.95.