Saturday, 26 March 2011

What’s happened to Oriflame’s Hydra Energy Range?

The Hydra Energy range was discontinued by Oriflame in the UK in early 2009. Hydra energy was known for how well hydrated it made the skin feel whilst at the same time it didn’t feel heavy on the skin. However, if you were looking for a product from the range there is good news as Oriflame UK have introduced the Optimals Oxygen Boost range as a replacement for Hydra Energy.

A closer look at the Optimals Oxygen Boost™ Range

Overview – ‘Optimals Oxygen Boost™ Range targets dull and polluted skin which needs oxygenated and deep hydration to help reveal a healthy-looking, pure complexion. The range is especially recommended for women living in towns and cities whose skin is subjected to the harmful effects of the urban environment.'*

Target Market – All ages with 25-35 being the core target group along with previous users of the Hydra Energy range.
Optimals Oxygen Boost™ Cream – helps to deeply moisturise the skin.
Optimals Oxygen Boost™ Face Mask – helps to rejuvenate the skin.
Optimals Oxygen Boost™ Capsules – helps the skin to breathe while leaving it moisturised. Contains natural yeast extract, amino-acids and peptides to helps improve oxygen absorption and protect against aging.
Optimals Oxygen Boost™ Eye Cream – helps to relieve the eye area from dehydration, puffiness and dark circles. Also contains Caffeine Extract.
Optimals Oxygen Boost™ Face Mist – Can even be used over make-up.

*Source Oriflame UK Product News Catalogue 7 for 8 2009.