Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dark spots on face - Oriflame Special

Dark spots on the face are a common complaint for many women, which is why Oriflame developed their Optimals Even Out range. If you missed the Oriflame special about the causes and prevention of dark spots in Catalogue 6 here it is -

I’ve begun to notice dark spots on my skin. What is causing them?
Daily exposure to UV rays an extreme sunlight are major causes of dark spots and other signs of photo-aging. Unprotected skin that has been overexposed to sunlight can sustain damage, which, over time, also makes it appear sallow and uneven.

How can Optimals Even Out Concentrate help prevent dark spots?
Optimals Even Out Concentrate is enriched with Pro-white complex (Rumex Occidentalis extract, Vitamin C and Liquorice extract), which targets existing dark spots and helps prevent the appearance of new ones. Additionally, when used in conjunction with Even Out Day Cream SPF20, it provides extra protection from photo-aging.

How do I apply Optimals Even Out Concentrate?
Thanks to its roll-on applicator, you can easily apply Optimals Even Out Concentrate to specific spots and problem areas. Simply apply the concentrate to these areas twice a day. For best results, use in conjunction with Optimals Even Out Day Cream.’*

*Source: Oriflame Catalogue 6 UK 2011, page 35.