Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Oriflame Beauty Terracotta Powder - How to apply

Oriflame's new Terracotta Powder has just launched and is an ideal replacement for the discontinued Sun Powder code: 12806. The new powder is available in "Natural Bronze" code: 22855 and provides a natural glow all year round.

How to apply Oriflame's Terracotta Powder

'Sculpted to Perfection

The Oriflame Beauty Terracotta Powder is a wonderful yet subtle way to highlight your natural beauty.

Blowing away any excess powder off the Oriflame Beauty Bronzing Brush, draw a large "3", starting from the temples at the side of the head, swooping underneath the cheeks, and finishing just below the corners of the mouth. This will sculpt and highlight the cheekbones wonderfully, as well as sculpting the temples and chin.'*

If you are a fan of Oriflame's Terracotta Powder, you may also like their bronzing pearls as these are available in 2 shades to best suit your skin tone.

*Source: Oriflame Catalogue 7 UK, page 107.