Sunday, 14 August 2011

Maxi Lash Mascara - Oriflame Beauty

Oriflame's Maxi Lash Mascara was a world 1st in April 2011 with it's new comb to create explosive lashes with extra volume. The mascara also conditions the lashes as it contains natural beeswax. Maxi Lash is available in Black code: 22521 and Brown code: 22522 and usually costs £7.95, Reg price/10ml: £9.94 but is currently on special offer at £5.95 for the duration of Catalogue 9 UK.

How to Use Oriflame Beauty Maxi Lash Mascara:
'Load your lashes with mascara using the flat side of the comb. Then simply comb lashes with either side of the brush depending on the look you want - the more spaced teeth give a super-volumised fat-lash effect whilst with the closer teeth you can achieve a more natural, volumised yet defined lash look.'*

*Source: Oriflame UK Product News Catalogue 5 for 6.